Made In The USA

We would like to share with you the story of how your shirt became Sabaku Artwear. Our women’s tops have made a long journey before they reach you.

It all begins at a California mill where our 100% cotton fabrics are knit just for us to our specifications.  The fabric travels in 1000 yard rolls to our manufacturer in San Gabriel, California.  Each roll is tested for shrinkage and our shirt patterns are adjusted accordingly.  The fabric is spread in many layers on long cutting tables, patterns are attached and shirt pieces are cut.

The pieces move on to the sewing room where they are assembled into our shirt styles.  At this point, shirts are counted to fill our orders and sent to another facility to be dyed to our beautiful Sabaku colors.  The dye house has huge machines each capable of dyeing 500 shirts at a time with giant dryers to finish the job.  The shirts are then returned to our manufacturer to be quality checked, sorted by size and style and shipped to Tucson to our Sabaku Artwear printshop.  Our men's shirts are all heavyweight 100% cotton tees carefully sourced from a variety of manufacturers.  And then the fun begins!

Nancy Lenches Alegret prepares her art work for printing.  Starting with a pencil sketch, then an ink drawing and ending with a full color digital image that she separates into the eight colors maximum our presses allow.  Each color has its own screen and colors often overlap and mix during the printing process to achieve the artist’s vision. Our master pressmen and support crew take great care and pride in the painstaking job of setting up the presses, registering the the screens and making sure the print is perfect.  Each Sabaku Artwear shirt is printed on the front and again on the back.  This added detail has become our brand signature.

For each press set up we print at least 300 shirts. Printed shirts are transported across the street to our warehouse for storage until they are called upon to fill an order.  Our fulfillment staff does a final quality check, wraps and labels each order for shipment to its final destination.

Voila!  Your shirt has gone through many steps and has been in the hands of many talented people.  We truly hope you enjoy wearing Sabaku Artwear!