About Sabaku Artwear

Sabaku is the Japanese word for desert.  When my husband, John and I came upon this word, we thought it perfect to name the company we founded in 1987.  The Sonoran Desert is home to Sabaku Artwear.  

Here, strange plants and animals inhabit forbidding landscapes where Native American craftsmen have flourished for thousands of years. Sixty miles away in Mexico, Spanish and indigenous cultures mixed, creating a new artistic vocabulary.  Southwest style is born of a design tradition influenced by this unique environment and its cultural history.

When you wear a Sabaku Artwear shirt we hope you stop and savor the spirit of the Southwest.  Imagine the exquisite patterns of cactus spines.  Listen to the call of desert birds.  Look to ancient Native civilizations that thrived here and and left messages carved in rock.  Feel the magnificent woven and embroidered fabrics of Mexico.  Marvel at the skill of the potter and silversmith.  Taste the spicy regional cooking and enjoy vibrant mariachi music.  Become a part of the art of the Southwest. 


John and Nancy Alegret