Desert Huipil


For centuries indigenous artisans in the southern states of Mexico and in Guatemala have created handwoven  and embroidered clothing.  Most of the embroidered dresses and huipils are crafted by women and housewives who stay at home and work while they take care of their children.  Differences in style and technique tie communities together and often tell us from which village a garment came.


Today, the most popular embroidered dresses, blouses and huipils come from the Mexican states of Chiapas, Oaxaca, Puebla, Morelos and Yucatan.  Incredibly intricate embroidered huipils also come from Guatemala.  Embroidered patterns such as flowers and other symbols were originally copied from decorations in the architecture of churches built more than 200 years ago.  Designs have evolved and become elaborate, beautifully colored masterpieces. 


Desert Huipil is our “desert” version of embroidered bird huipils from the village of Santiago Atitlan in Guatemala.  Desert Huipil includes a Western Bluebird, a White-winged Dove, Gambel’s Quail, a Cactus Wren, a Roadrunner, a Vermillion Flycatcher, a Gila Woodpecker, a Western Tanager and a Hummingbird along with an array of desert wildflowers.


Ladies 3/4 Sleeve Top- (3/4s) Our own flattering missy cut, hemmed below the hip with a scoop neckline, side vents and bracelet length sleeves.  Made in the USA of soft 100% garment dyed cotton. Medium approximately 28" long and 21" wide at the under arm.  

Available in size S-XL and 1X