Sabaku is the Japanese word for desert. The desert surrounds our home in Tucson, Arizona. It is beautiful, mysterious and forbidding. Our geographic location puts us in the middle of the southwestern United States and sixty miles from Mexico. We are blessed to live in this place; visually stimulating, historically rich and culturally vibrant. We have created the artwork for our shirts to share the spirit of the Southwest with you.

Here, strange plants and animals inhabit vast deserts and rocky landscapes where Native American craftsmen have flourished for thousands of years. In Mexico, the Spanish and Indian cultures mixed, creating a new artistic vocabulary.

Southwest Style is a design tradition influenced by the unique environment and cultural history of this part of the world. We see it in the exquisite patterns of an agave leaf, petroglyphs at Canyon de Chelly, a Mata Ortiz pot or a Navajo blanket. We hear it in vibrant mariachi music and taste it in the spicy regional cooking. We respect this land and the people who have walked here before us. When you wear your Sabaku shirt, we hope you stop and savor the spirit.

Nancy Lenches-Alegret
John Alegret